About Atour Adventure Group

I believe that the name is clear enough to show that we are adventurers. We have founders that ascended Eight Thousanders (seven of them to be exact), we have founders that have coached Iran’s national team of mountaineering, rock climbing, and ice climbing, and we have staffs that are members of Iran national team working with us as guides and organizers. We know all the ins and outs of this field, and when we say, we guarantee the quality of your trip to Iran, it’s not a claim, it’s a promise.

About Atour Founders

From the very beginning, Iraj and Mahmoud, our founders, were very interested in training the new generations that’s why they started working with National Team. The passion to see the younger generation as they find their way through the mountaineering world made them establish the Atour Adventure Club; a subsection of Atour Adventure Group that focuses on sustainable tourism and education in field of mountaineering and sport climbing. Atour Club recently joined the Nature Friends International as the Nature Friends Iran. being part of this organization helped us many more people that shared our passion and now we are even more encouraged to keep going.

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